I am the Way, the Truth and the Life - Jesus

New to Faith

St Peters in the City is committed to supporting you in finding the answers you need. If you are new to faith and Christianity we can help you to learn, discover and grow.

What is this thing called Christianity? What is the faith I have found? Or perhaps, what is this faith which has found me?

Good question. The Christian faith is a process of discovery, a pilgrimage, a pursuit – and it’s deeply personal. It’s personal because it involves us as people, and it’s personal because it’s all about a person – the person of Jesus Christ. Christianity, then, is the discovery, the pilgrimage, the pursuit of Jesus.

Jesus was more than just a nice guy; Jesus is God in the flesh. You see, God became human that we might know God personally. In our pursuit of God we find that God, compelled by love, pursues us. As followers of Jesus it is our desire to become more and more like the one who is known as the Christ, the Messiah, the Rescuer. As such, the words of Jesus and the words about Jesus found in the Christian scriptures are very important to us because they tell us more about this God we want to know.

The truth is, God is a mystery, albeit a knowable and relatable mystery. The Triune God: Father, Son and Spirit, is all about relationship, and so are we. We would love to join you as you embark on this journey of faith.