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Inviting Church Workshop

Take inviting ou the 'too hard' basket!


Where: St Peters in the City

When: TBA

Time: TBA

Anyone can be a successful inviter
However good the programme or how warm your fellowship together, outsiders will only experience how inviting your church is if they are actually invited!
Our ‘Inviting Church’ workshop is for everyone, but especially those who have never invited anyone to church before. We address the root causes of why we fail to invite others: a faulty definition of success, our fear of social awkwardness and lack of modelling in how to do it well.
By the end of our fun and practical 2 ½ hour workshop, you will:
  • Appreciate the power of a simple invitation
  • Understand how inviting is core to the mission of your church family
  • Have had myths, fears and misconceptions around inviting dispelled
  • Have role-played making an invitation to church (and dealing with‘No’)
  • Have made concrete plans for next steps
  • Have gained the prayer, support and accountability of others in the room
What we won’t do
  • Guilt you
  • Pressure you
  • Push you into using sales techniques
You are in safe hands
The Love Your Neighbour team has many years of experience in facilitating workshops that help churches more effectively reach their community. We are committed to training with practical, measurable outcomes.


Service Times

Traditional Service – 8:30am start

Our traditional service with Organ and Piano.

Contemporary Service – 10am start

Our contemporary service with children programmes.

Youth Worship Service - 4.30pm

For Teenagers years 9 -13


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