Soul of the City

A programme designed to restore and fortify the sexual integrity and spiritual vitality of men.

As men we live in a highly sexualised porn-saturated culture, where the pressure to fall victim to a distorted vision of male sexuality is extremely pervasive and intense. Falling prey to a distorted sexuality can have profound and lasting harms for our marriage, our family and our own personal well being.
Valiant Man is a programme created by Dr Allen Meyer that is specifically designed to respond to these pressures, in order to restore and strengthen the sexual integrity and spiritual vitality of men.
If you’re someone who is serious about addressing the sexual struggles in your life, or you’re a Christian leader who wants to equip the men in your church with effective tools and strategies to live out an authentic, Christ-centred and life-giving male sexuality, then Valiant Man is definitely the programme for you!

Valiant Man is a 10 session programme (usually run over ten weeks) for males over the age of 16 which explores the following topics:

  • A vision for manhood 
  • The arena of healing 
  • The sexual man
  • The origin, power and purpose of sex
  • The cycle of addiction 
  • The understanding man 
  • Retraining your brain 
  • Taking a stand 
  • Guarding your heart 
  • Realistic expectations 

Upon completion of the programme men will understand the struggles of normal male sexuality, as well as knowing that they are not alone in this struggle and that sound and realistic strategies for building a healthy male sexuality in their lives are available to them.
Valiant Man releases men from the bondage of sexual sin to a life of valour for God, and of service to their families and the women in their lives. 

Starting 7pm Wed 30 May@ Holy Trinity Anglican Church

To sign up or for more information talk to or email:
Wayne Ashbrook 027 607 2575 or John Hill 027 437 1088


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