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St Peters House

St Peters House is St Peters, and more!

St Peters House is our trust, our community ministry, our primary vehicle for outreach in Tauranga. It’s St Peters people reaching out in love to our local community, and it’s some of our fantastic staff and partners from other local churches working together with us.

Reaching out to our community offering a range of services, St Peters House:

  • Offering free and completely confidential Counselling.

Courses such as:

  • Incredible Years - to help develop positive family relationships
  • Boundaries - to help have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with better relationships
  • Discovering Your True Worth - a workshop providiong participants the opportunity to consider the way they see themselves both positively and negatively
  • CAP Lifeskills - If you want to stay on top of your household bills, make your money go further, eat well on a budget or grow in self-confidence then this course is for you.

St Peters in the City church and St Peters House work hand in hand, so if you’re looking for a place to serve, you might like to talk to our leaders Cath Page or Denise

You will find St Peters House website here.