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Free Community Christmas Dinner

This year our Free Community Christmas Dinner will be held at 5.30pm on Sunday 25th December.  You are most welcome to join us.  Please book using the links below us or call us 07 975 0207.

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The St Peters Free Community Christmas Dinner will be held on the 25th December at 5.30pm.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can come and join us. 

For phone enquires, please call (07) 9750207.

We are always grateful for the wonderful team of volunteers and their willing service to others and ultimately God through their acts of love and sacrifice of time and giving.

If you would like to register either as an attendee or a volunteer please click on the links below:

ATTENDEE'S:  Attendee registrations are now closed.


VOLUNTEERS: Volunteer positions have been filled.


DONATIONS: We welcome donations of gifts, food or financial for our events as they contribute to our giving to the community. We thank you in advance for your kind donations.

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Our Sustainable Market

This year we will be presenting our Sustainable Market following the 2022 Christmas Dinner which will offer sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for FREE. We want to encourage sustainable living and use of products in our community and are looking for all kinds of sustainable gifts that we can give. If you create eco-friendly products/gifts and would like to donate toward our sustainable market, please register your donation by clicking the link below us or call us 07 975 0207.

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SUNSTAINABLE GIFT DONATION We welcome all kinds of sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, Thank you for your contribution.

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