Soul of the City


At St Peters we believe that everyone needs to experience compassion.

We all need a bit of help at times.  For this reason, we offer prayer ministry as one of our core activities. Rev. Enosa Auva'a and our team of Elders are more than happy to pray with you at any time.  If you have an ongoing need we have a team of discrete pray-ers who will keep your need in prayer for a longer time. 

We treat every person as a unique child of God and so we are happy to journey with you for a time and to recommend some other resources such as a spiritual director or a counsellor. 

There are a number of ways you can access our St Peters prayer ministry:

  • By calling and asking us to pray for you over the phone.
  • You can text or email us a prayer need.
  • We are happy to meet you at the church.
  • At a hospital.
  • In your own home (we can come to you).

Got questions?  Or facing a difficult circumstance?  We are also happy to talk things through with you, perhaps to bring a biblical perspective, or to help you ask where God might be in your circumstances. 

Enosa enjoys having a coffee or a tea with people and just chatting if the above all sounds a bit confusing.