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Reflection on Jealousy - Genesis 4. 1-8 Jealousy is a poison that kills everything it touches.  When we look at scripture we see story after
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Ocean Garbage

I used to think, "Why do people throw so much rubbish over board when they are in their boats?"  Because I thought that all the
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Acknowledging Uniqueness in Others

In the last Springboard  I talked about the difference it could make to our relationships if we were able to express a value of each
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Resurrection Mindset

I've been working with my friends at St Andrews looking for a new minister with them, and I've been excited to talk with them about
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Belong, Believe, Become

Hey I'm talking about the sort of welcoming Culture we want to create at our Church, God's church - this week.  Here's the start of
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Soul for the City

To be Soul for the City, that's what we decided, should be our Vision for St Peters.  I have just come back to this recently
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Besoro Update Sept 2017

Good morning,     Greeting you all and everyone else a very good morning!  Greetings from the Philippines specifically from the island of Mindoro.  Coming back
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Easter Sunday Trading

Easter Sunday Trading. I oppose allowing trading on Easter Sunday in Tauranga for 3 reasons. Firstly because Easter Sunday is the most significant day in
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Study leave day one

We were talking about being ready to give an answer to anyone who asks us the reason for our hope. I am reading Matthew today
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Resilient Grieving

I spent Friday at the Sands Conference in Tauranga.  The main speaker was a woman Dr Lucy Hone who is an expert in resilience, the
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Combined Service July 15 - 29, 2018


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