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Ocean Garbage

I used to think, "Why do people throw so much rubbish over-board when they are in their boats?"  Because I thought that all the rubbish in the ocean came from boats and people deliberately throwing things into the sea.  Then I discovered 80% of the rubbish that ends up in the ocean comes from the land.  That's astonishing.  I've started noticing when I go cycling or walking just how much rubbish we Kiwi's chuck out on the road and eventually into the sea.  That gel packet when we are cycling.  That plastic bag that flew out the window.  This Easter Cate and I have been talking about Jesus washing his disciples feet and how radical that must have been.  How weird it must have been for the lads to have been sitting around and then sudden their leader wrapped a towel around himself and did the most yucky job.  His hands that in a few days would be pierced by nails, were wiping their feet and getting muddy.  We've been thinking about how we can follow Jesus' example and we've come up with the idea of having a Sunday when instead of 'church as Normal', we are going to go out into the streets and clean, picking up litter and rubish.  It might sound a little strange, ut I've been thinking how cool it is to do something that shows our love for the City, our love for Jesus and our love for the environment.  Next time you see a piece of litter, please pick it up, and think of Jesus washing his disciples feet.


Author: Simon McLeay
Date Published: June 2019

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