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Hey I'm talking about the sort of welcoming Culture we want to create at our Church, God's church - this week.  Here's the start of my message, what would you like to say!

This is my Church, this is your church, this is God’s church.  And I think it’s good every so often to talk about what sort of church we want this church to be.

I want this church to be a place where we can sing and praise God.  Where generally I feel the joy!  Feel the love.  But I also desperately want this to be a church that you can come to when you’re feeling down.  Like Life has just delivered you a sucker punch, and your world is shaky.  It’s good to be joyful but it’s also OK to be shattered. 

I want this to be a church where you can come and feel close to God, but also a place to come if you are not sure that you believe at all but just maybe something is drawing you.

I want this church to be a place where you can come if you’re pregnant and it’s all a bit messy; or if you don’t have kids, or your single.  I want this to be a church where a 2 year old can race around the sanctuary a couple of times; and a church where we know each other well enough to be able to scoop him up on his third time around when he needs distracting.  I want this to be a safe church, and a church that takes risks.  A church where you are welcome if you have mental health challenges, and a church where we set firm limits on violence.  I want this church to be a church where your gay children will know that they are welcome and will be loved.  But also a church that takes the bible seriously as; the word of God, spoken through culture, fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  A place where we don’t gloss over the challenging words of scripture to all of us.   A church where we can sing in the spirit and pray expecting miracles, but also support each other when it comes time to die.  There's so much more I could say.  But I'm interested in what you would want to add.  Perhaps text me your ideas before Sunday or After.  Simon 027 270 5426.

Do you want this to be a church like that, is that what God’s church would look like to you?  

PS come along Sunday if you want to know what the Yellow Umbrella means.

Author: Simon McLeay
Date Published: June 2019

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