Learning, Loving, Worshiping, Praying, Serving and Inviting


Life was designed to be lived to the full. At  St Peters, we want to help you live life to the full, the fullness of Christ.  Our vision is to see people growing.  We believe that God grows His kingdom by growing people – people who are coming to believe in Him, people who are learning to follow Christ, and people who are giving their whole lives to God’s mission.

We believe that people need to lay solid foundations for their life of faith and that these take time to develop. We are committed to helping people lay good foundations.

We are also aware that people often make the biggest changes in their lives in quite short time-spans in what we can call 'catalytic experiences' and so we are committed to providing these.  Thirdly, we believe that God doesn’t want us to grow alone and so we are committed to encouraging people into deep friendships and lasting Small Groups where we can know Christ together.

We want to be an open and welcoming community integrating new people into the heart of our church, but most of all we would like to grow by bringing our friends and neighbours to Christ with 'life on life' relationship.

We value excellence but not above authenticity. We gather for worship and we disperse to serve and influence our community.  We delight to include members of the wider community as fellow helpers beside us when we serve and we always point to Christ who we believe is the hope of the world.

You and Jesus are the heart of our Mission Plan. 

We, the people of St Peters, by prayer, by conversation and by invitation will bring our friends and neighbours to come to know Jesus. 

Life will never be boring while we are engaged in this, the most exciting of all adventures.  It will push you further than a mountain climb, stretch you more than a  bungy jump and challenge you more than an advanced degree – but you will never feel more alive than when you are on-mission with Jesus.  

Come join in!