I am the Way, the Truth and the Life - Jesus


At St Peters in the City, Tauranga we offer a church community of services, resources and caring for your spiritual journey. We have 5 values that we believe will help us to grow as Christians. 

Our values are

  • Learning
  • Loving
  • Worshipping
  • Serving
  • Inviting


We are committed to Learning, to learning more about the bible, to learning more about faith, to knowing more about prayer and to putting these disciplines into action.  We want to be life long learners, who keep discovering more about our awesome God.  


If you want to sum up the Christian faith in one word, it would be love – but love is not an idea it is something that we need to experience personally and so we place a really high value on Small Groups and mentoring relationships where we can get to know each other, and love and be loved.  


We value worship and the desire to experience closeness to God, we try to make our worship services authentic and we also believe that a good service is built on a commitment to personal worship, not just on great musicians. 


We see service as not an activity but as a lifestyle, as we aim to be formed into the sort of people who are like Jesus, servants and not just people who are adding activities to our diaries. 


And finally we value invitation, the personal effort to invite other people along to everything we do, but especially to the invitation to follow Jesus.