Helping people Find, Follow and Know Jesus

'Discover Jesus' is a resource for new Christians and people exploring Christian faith to have a look at 8 topics about who Jesus was and is.  Please follow the links below to find out more.

The Discipleship Wheel is all about Jesus, because he is the focus of the Christian faith.  The wheel will help you understand what he said, what he did and who he claimed to be.  Christians believe that Jesus is as important today as he was 2,000 years ago; that his teaching is still remarkably powerful; that his example is life-giving and that through his death and resurrection he can affect your life today.

The approach of the Discipleship Wheel is a bit like a bus tour, we will read a little from the guide book, we’ll have a look around and then we’ll take a selfie – asking what does this mean for me?

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus' Birth

Jesus' Death

Jesus the Servant

Jesus the Rebel

Jesus the Healer

Jesus the Miracle Worker

Jesus' Resurrection

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